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End-roll video advertising formats are the video adverts inserted in the video stream at the end of the editorial content. The duration can be of any length, but generally the length has a relationship to the length of the editorial programme.

As broadband internet access becomes the dominant form of access in many countries, online advertising formats have broadened and television formats have become a core part of the choice for media planners. For advertisers who have invested in television commercials, these online formats have become a powerful way to extend the reach of a campaign or build its frequency. They also allow television campaigns to continue for longer, giving more value to the brand through the reuse of creative assets the advertiser has invested in. Marketers should remember that while reusing television spots is an easy starting point for online advertising content, the broader scope of what is possible online means that the TV spot is just the starting point. Experienced creative directors will find ways to explore deeper interactivity and deeper engagement.

See also pre-rolls and mid-rolls.

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