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Wikis such as this one are quite easy to edit, but only if you know what you are doing!


General guidelines

Always keep these points in mind when editing this public wiki:

  • We are using the Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 license - do not add any copyrighted material!
  • Please keep your language clean and appropriate for all readers.
  • Please be as accurate and as simple as possible in your jargon term definitions.

Editing jargon terms

When editing a jargon term, make sure that somewhere in the page you have this exact text:


This will make our index page automatically list this term.

Wiki syntax - for the pro users

Have a look at some of these pages on MediaWiki's syntax:

Other pages

Many of the key pages of this wiki are locked for editing only by our team. If you feel you can add new helpful pages that aren't for jargon terms, please do! Our help section needs care and attention.

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